The Scribo story is simple. We wanted to build an online system to help everyone easily send and receive files with complete security. In today’s world, we are constantly sharing sensitive information online. From health records, IEP documents, contracts, insurance information and financial data to simple confidential messages and password sharing, the trend of online data transmission is clearly here to stay. At a time when we all wake up to news of yet another data breach almost daily, we knew it was time to create a platform for both individuals and businesses to share sensitive information quickly and with confidence every single time.

With this mission in mind, the founders of Scribo set out to build the easiest, most intuitive platform possible. We believe that sending sensitive information should be as simple as sending an e-mail or a text, but should come with an assurance of affordability, speed, and total confidentiality. While privacy, security and compliance are the foundation of Scribo, the heart of the platform is functionality and usability. We hope that users will find Scribo to be the simplest way possible to e-sign a document, collect payment, and transmit files that are too large to e-mail. To that end, we have created a streamlined dashboard offering users a one stop destination for viewing receipts (both sent and received), multiple sorting options, and simple two-click reporting. Perhaps most importantly, we will never retain the data transmitted by our users and all transmitted data will be shredded electronically and completely at the conclusion of each transaction.

Scribo’s founders and executive team are veterans in enterprise level application development, cybersecurity, consulting, development and strategy. We believe in privacy and security. We believe in intuitive systems. We believe there is a better way to live confidently and securely in the digital age. Let us help you believe it, too.